A self-written song created by AI, "Coming home from the subway"

Suno.ai, an AI music creation site

The site I'm going to introduce today is Suno.ai, which allows you to enter a mood or theme, or even your own lyrics, and the AI will automatically generate music for you. I've been interested in AI voice learning since last year, looking at AI music production tools such as viodio by Fozar Labs, and I feel that this field is also growing rapidly recently. Suno AI generates music with lyrics without any relevant knowledge, just based on the user's rough input. It even works with Korean lyrics as well as English!

Link to suno.ai

How to use it?

Firstly, visit Suno.ai and click on the Make a song button, which will land you in the screen below, then click on the Create button on the left panel to enter the AI music creation screen. Create music provides two options, one is to write a simple song topic to generate a song, and the other is to enter the lyrics of the song.

Main Screen
Create mode 1
Create mode 2

How to create a song with lyrics

Creating a song by entering a topic is intuitive and doesn't present any special issues, but there is a slight caveat when creating a song through lyrics. This is because suno.ai has a limit of 1 minute to 1 minute 20 seconds in length, so if you upload the entire song lyrics, the song will be cut off in the middle.

Maybe 1:20 is limtation

So, is there any way to create a full 3 or 4 minute song? The answer is yes. SUNO supports a few functions for the songs you create. The 'Continue From This Clip' and 'Get Whole Song' functions allow you to create a longer song. If you select 'Continue From This Clip' and enter the lyrics at the end, and then select 'Get Whole Song' from the created song, you can connect the two songs to create a full song.

Functions Suno provides
Full Song

To create a full song with the desired lyrics without any editing, the length of the lyrics you enter is important. If the song is cut off in the middle, it is difficult to save it with the features provided by suno, so you have to create it again. suno recommends that you enter 2 verses of lyrics, or 8 bars of lyrics, each time you create a song.

Also, after experimenting a few times, it seems that songs created by suno are usually created with a song form of verse1, verse2, pre-chorus, and chorus. Although this part seems to be a bit random, it may be helpful to refer to it when writing. It's a bit disappointing that it's not yet possible to enter the desired song form structure or to use useful features.‍

My review

I'll share the process of creating a song with Suno.ai and the result. I first used GPT to draft the lyrics and revise the lyrics to make the writing process easier.

help me GPT
Not bad for first trying

I only entered two parts of the full lyrics as lyrics, but I ended up singing them faster than I thought I would and generating a 30-second song. I should have added another part if I'd known this was going to happen, but I'm happy with the way it turned out, and I really like the melody.

30 seconds for verse 1 and 2

This time, I tried to create the chorus using the 'Continue From This Clip' method I introduced earlier. I entered 4 parts because the 2 verses were 30 seconds long, but this time, I sang the 2 parts for 1 minute, so the bridge was cut off. This is what led me to guess that the verse1-verse2-prechorus-chorus song form in SUNO is separate from the song form I entered for the lyrics.

'Create From This Clip' worked well

I used the 'Get Whole Song' function to combine this clip with the previous clip into a single song, and then removed the second half with an online MP3 trimmer to get just the first verse. You can create your own songs with suno.ai too!